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The obsolete child condition.

By my standards life is made up by 3 simple phases/stages call them as you wish:

When we’re born and enter this world, we have a light inside of us, a substance unique to each one.
The ingredients of this substance are wonder, curiosity, imagination, intuition, innocence, love. Above all, creativity.

Some of us are born with a great amount of substance and others with less amount.

As children, we have wild imaginations that hold almost no limits. We come up with the craziest stories. We craft amazingly beautiful and unique things. We are loved and adored by everyone else. Money holds no power over as and is not a factor.

The rest of our life is experience. This is when we see the world for what it is, for its true form. We have beautiful days and really ugly days sometimes. We are exposed to fear, and fear slowly dims that substance inside us, kills the light. We all face the similar fears, the similar struggles. Some of us master our fears, while others become enslaved to them and the light that is lost, the essence of that substance, is never found.

Don’t let fear rip the light out of you, don’t let it dim your true substance.

Some the greatest men that lived: Tesla, Edison, Einstein all acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skills, but more importantly were all masters of holding on to this precious light inside of them.

You think you’re special because you’re smart, because you’re more educated, you have more experience, you have more money, you have more connections?
The reality is that a 5 year old is more valuable than you.

If you let the light turn off before you die, you will have become expired and thus you are at that stage an obsolete child. You likely have no value.

Those who can hold onto creativity, wonder, curiosity, imagination, intuition, innocence, love are great men and women. They are not motivated by money, but are motivated by passion. They use their creative and wonderful minds to craft things. They craft with love. Together they all contribute to better the condition of humanity.

Then there are the others.

What will you craft? What will you leave behind? What will you be remembered for? Are you destined for greatness or are you destined to become an obsolete child?

The obsolete child condition.

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