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mindless thoughts seventh layout

With a new year and also a new job, a new place to live and a new beginning it had to be a new design for this personal blog.

I’ve just moved to London / UK in a digital company as an Art Director and began to feel that the last layout was not representing me as it should and how I feel that I grew in the past 2 years.

The last layout was more oriented in showing my front-end developer skills, removing raster graphics and trying to do most of the design directly from the code (some would name this designing in the browser, although I did not do that). It was also planned to be responsive mostly and not fluid,I wanted it to be for tablet and mobile too but I never seemed to have time for it and everything I wanted to do to it so it remained at only the desktop version with some tiny bugs in it, I think.

This new design, named “mindleseven”, is aimed towards readability, typography, simplicity, space and simple aesthetics and also to show that design can be done even with basic, local resources, without accessing the internet for fonts or images or other items, underlining the fact that being a designer also means solving problems without complaining about the fact that you don’t have what you need and is about being creative and building up your elements.

I wanted to put more importance on the idea that copy can be interface and functionality too and this can be achieved by controlling hierarchy, colour, size, style, weight and so on.

Another personal idea to this design was to take out everything that was obtrusive and that intruded through the main idea … this was close to what happened to me before leaving towards London. I had to remove what was not needed, what was there and it was making me feel heavy, cluttered, foggy and kept me from not seeing the real shape of what was ahead of me.

Also, this is just an interesting coincidence, this being the seventh version of the blog it’s also the seventh year that I can celebrate probably since I’ve started to do front-end development.

I really hope that, you who’s reading this, is enjoying the new layout and also the words which populate this personal blog.

Kind regards, Alexandru.

mindless thoughts seventh layout

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