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Sleepless darkest days of night
You feel tortured, you feel fright
You hear nothing, there’s no light
There’s no piece of hope in sight
Soul’s restless, screams it shouts
Digging deeper into your heart,
Setting free what must not speak
Letting loose what makes you weak
Building madness, building fear…
Happiness will disappear!
It will brake it’s bounds and run
Free at last into you heart,
Tearing up that which you built
Reaping down what makes you sleep
Whispering to your own self:
Do not trust! You won’t prevail!
You will listen and obey,
You will do what voices say,
You will fall and disappoint
Shatter…shear in every point,
To an end you will arrive
And this you can not deny:
You must stop, you must not yield
You must stand your ground and feel
You must be all that you can
… not your own worst enemy!


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