MindlessThoughts - Dedicated to brain owners and soul lovers

what’s this all about

Dedicated to brain owners and soul lovers!


what’s this all about

alexandru_nastase_anodpixels.com_perspective_portraitThis BLOG, if I may call it that way, wasn’t planned or thought up to be what it is right now. My blogging days started on BlogSpot from google, which was good for 2-3 months, after which time I realized that I couldn’t do much with the design and effects, aspect that bothered me a lot.

After a short time a friend came to me and told me he has a free domain name that I can choose to make and so I did: MINDLESSTHOUGHTS – Dedicated to brain owners and soul lovers, I said – even the tag line poped into my head without to much thought.

After that it became my playground for design and front-end experimentation.

I can define this website as a personal “journal” or a gathering of things I like to write, rather than a blog but what the hell, this is my blog. I really hope you like what you read or hear inside these pages and do enjoy your stay.

Thank you for visiting!

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contact me

alexandru nastase

art director / graphic designer


This blog is dedicated to the loving memory of ALINA BUCUR (Aina Niap) thank you for your loving smile and for teaching me the courage to be ME!

This is for my daring sister Adelina Nastase, for the best of friends Mihai Teodoru & Aurel Trifu (true brothers), Alexandru Gorbanescu (an honorable man), Andrei Mihai Balan (my code brain) & of course the always smiling Roxana Nistor & her bright-minded brother Octavian Nistor !

… much Respect and Honor guys!

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