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31 and something

I’ve tasted life, enjoyed it, I’ve seen my self up high and picked my self up from the bottom of my darkest state, I’ve tasted the rich and enjoyed the poor, slept on floors and dirty carpets and in 5 star beds, I've appreciated a half-eaten biscuit dropped by the uncarring, I’ve endured the cold of nature and of the human heart for a true smile and witnessed death but also felt the warm gaze of love, I've hoped for it not to rain cause park benches don't have a roof, I’ve learned from my mistakes and did them again to make sure that that was the lesson, I’ve learned that stubbornness, once controlled can lead your far and sometimes make you wise, I’ve learned that the only permanent thing in life is change, that only bad and hard things make you better and happiness is just a residual effect and that character can not be made up or stollen, it is built by experience and the sum of choices you make and that some times a sunrise can heal you more than you know.

I’ve learned that at one point we are all bent and broken and that the only thing we can do is to hope, into a better shape.

To quote a cartoon I’ve once watched “No guts, no glory”, if you don’t have a will to outdo yourself then stop bitching because only the boring people get bored and the ones that fail and give up are the ones that don’t learn a lesson when they loose, failure can not be an option, only a last resort but only if you learn something. In life don’t make friends, find family add to your family those that are worth it, that have substance, honour and respect, hold your ground and they will have your back, you don’t need to know a lot of people, you only need a few, true and humble and those few will hold to many!

And always be grateful of every morning cause it’s your chance to create noise, good noise that nudge the world in a better direction, be humble and never break a promise you make to yourself!

31 and something

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